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Tenant Screening (for existing clients)

Protect your rental interests from problem tenants. Learn fact from fiction with credit reports from all major credit bureaus, eviction data, criminal history, ID verification and bankruptcy checks. Eliminate the burden of tedious background research. Rent safely and economically for one unit or multiple units. Accelerate tenant screening with an automated rule-based decisioning process.

Existing Clients

To get set up with full access to all of our products, including full credit reports, contact us at either or 480.483.3447.

One Time Tenant Screening (new clients)

Just need a one time tenant screening? Search over 175 million criminal records instantly. Determine felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, DUI tickets, and other offenses from the most comprehensive source available online. Search over 8.8 million eviction records compiled from 50 states. Find the information usually not found on a credit report from the most comprehensive evictions database available. Eliminate threats by searching for applicants in the OFAC, Office of Foreign Assets Control, database. Make sure your applicant isn't on the government watch list.

Follow the steps below:

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Step 1. Purchase your Nationwide Criminal, Eviction, and OFAC search here 

Step 2. Send an email with your request for a skip trace to Be sure to include:  

  • The individual's Name

  • The individual's Social Security Number

  • The individual's Date of Birth

  • Signed Application by the prospective tenant authorizing a background check

  • Please reference your payment transaction # (given to you by PayPal after payment is made), so that we can match up your payment to your request.

We will complete your tenant screening within 24 hours and will email results directly to you. If you are unable to attach the signed application to your email request, you may fax that to 480.483.3435. Be sure to reference your email and your payment transaction # in the fax.

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